Jamal, Amin & Partners | About Us
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About Us


To be globally recognised and established professional organisation and committed to nation building


To produce competent professionals with highly ambitious, highly motivated, and good personality for the best interest of nation

JAP was established in 1996 and since then we have established ourselves as one of the fastest growing ”2nd tier“ audit Firm after the Big Four. Currently we have 8 branches throughout Malaysia with a workforce of 100 professionals and semi professionals.


The firm takes a justifiable pride in the commitment of the team and the continuous support of the clients that makes JAP the firm to work with. JAP has commitment to provide an effective and efficient financial advice and to counsel and to assist our clients in the profitable management of their business resources.




JAP is where it is today because our clients recognised, trusted and rewarded us for our quality service throughout the years. We are confident we shall maintain our competitive edge through consistent service of the highest quality and standards, at a fair cost.


JAP offers a full range of services for large, middle and small clients. This range is continuously being developed and adapted to meet all clients needs.


JAP commitment goes beyond the realm of business philosophy. It is a practical working difference that is of great benefit to JAP clients. Discussion with a client determines the objectives and the kind of structure that best suited to meet these needs. Every business situation is different and it is JAP experience that can help determined the optimum structure.

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