Jamal, Amin & Partners | Financial Advisory Services
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Financial Advisory Services

Our Financial Advisory Services provides the followings:

  1. Conducting business valuation.
  2. Evaluating the viability of merger and acquisition deals, and leading the process of completing the deal by providing all necessary services related to M&A
  3. Providing financial due diligence and leading other forms of due diligence
  4. Conducting security analysis and valuation.
  5. Undertaking best-effort engagements to sell investments.
  6. Supervising IPO processes
  1. Conducting feasibility studies and evaluation of new projects and other types of business opportunities.
  2. Conducting market studies.
  3. Assisting clients in developing business strategies.
  4. Resolving complex accounting and reporting problems.
  5. Designing and supervising the implementation of financial policies and procedures.
  6. Turnaround business
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