Jamal, Amin & Partners | Information Technology Services
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Information Technology Services

  1. System Integrator
    • We provide service to develop strategies and operating models using technology to automate and streamline process to create new strategies, markets and new customer relationship. These include system design, software development, hardware and communication integration
  2. Software Solution
    • We have our own product and also we are capable to customised our partners products such as : CMS (Correspondence Management System), Document Management System, Sistem Pengurusan Mesyuarat (SPM) and Sistem Pengurusan Tapak Semaian (e-benih)
  1. IT & Networking
    • We provide networking installation for your need of networking solution to your business. We do the UTP, Fiber Optic, Coaxial cabling and termination. We are also do the cabling solution and consultation for your better performance to your business.
  2. Technical Support
    • Consulting and Technical Support Service
    • Service Level Agreement
    • Repair and Procurement Services
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