Jamal, Amin & Partners | Tax Advisory
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Tax Advisory


One of the major issues in most companies is taxation. Unless a proper tax planning being structured, a company may face huge tax liability.

We understand that you expect the firm whom you appoint to take great interest in your organisation by bringing with it all the tax planning and consulting expertise to reduce your tax exposure and to maximize returns to the shareholders. In this regard, you expect a committed team of experienced professionals with expertise match to your specific needs and who are able to give constructive advice.

Your concerns are:-

  • to maximize the Company’s earnings by minimizing its exposure to taxation;
  • to maximize the use of tax exemption and relief in the Company’s project and venture;
  • to setup appropriate structure for the purposes of tax efficient intercompany transaction

We can help by

  • Identifying tax inefficiencies in your Company and investment activities and recommend solutions to overcome them
  • Recommending a structure which will minimize taxes and which will provide for the efficient distribution of income
  • Providing a broad framework of tax strategies in the Company’s business and investment activities (including pitfalls to avoid);
  • Recommending creative and helpful tax planning ideas and solutions through regular discussions with you
  • Identifying major tax issues at an early stage and communicating these issues to you; and
  • Providing experienced tax executives who are able to resolve tax issues.
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